Enlightening Sermons

At the Concord Church of Christ, our sermons form the heart of our communal worship. Reverberating the teachings of Christ, they are designed to inspire, challenge, and encourage you on your faith journey.

Each sermon is a crafted symphony of scripture, intertwined with real-life experiences, aiding in the exploration and understanding of God's word. Our hope is that you will discover timeless wisdom and practical insights, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with spiritual fortitude.

Live Sermons (in person or online)

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We invite you to experience the power of shared faith and community firsthand at our live sermons every Sunday. Each service is a beautiful blend of worship, prayer, and the proclamation of the Word. It's an opportunity to come together, to celebrate God's love, and to deepen our collective spiritual understanding.

On Demand Sermons

We understand that our congregation has different schedules and needs. For this reason, we make our sermons available online so you can connect with God's word at any time, anywhere. Listen at your convenience, revisit the messages that resonate with you, and share the joy of Christ's teachings with others.

Our 11am Sunday Worship service will be livestreamed on our home page and on:

Our YouTube Channel

9/24/23 Sermon

Jack Exum, Jr